An Animal Rescue that Nurtures Through Nature

Located at 1923 Baileys Corner Road, Wall Township, NJ

Grand Re-Opening

Now Open 7 days a week

April 1st we are re-opening our barn doors to the public seven days a week. The animals will be very excited to greet everyone back with happy snorts and whinnies.


Our goal at Allaire Community Farm is to utilize our rescued animals and working farm environment to nurture through nature. Our farm is focused on helping special needs adults and children, teens facing mental health issues, veterans with PTSD and families battling cancer. We accomplish our mission through programs, events and outreach that uses animal therapy, equine therapy, organic gardening, and vocational training. At Allaire Community Farm, we also utilize our gardens and greenhouses to support families who are battling cancer or facing financial hardships. Further, all funds generated through the farm are used exclusively to support the mission of our non-profit organization.

Currently Closed for the Winter (Reopening on April 1, 2023)

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of your pet and our animals, no pets are permitted. Service animals must wear vests indicating they are properly trained to do work or perform a task for someone with a disability. Since emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not considered service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA, they are not permitted. Also, we do not allow picnicking at the farm. Please do not bring in coolers or bagged lunches.

What makes us unique

We are a dual purpose non-profit farm, that utilizes ecotherapy programs for the public and for individuals with specialized needs