Ryan Gooseling


Ryan Gooseling our beautiful white goose lives with the other white ducks. Ryan was rescued by a family member of the farm. She saw him helpless and stranded, and patiently waited until she could free him and bring him to the safe shelter of our farm to heal. He must be pretty smart, because it's been over five years and he hasn't left. He sure knows a good thing when he sees it.


Pygmy Goat

Snickerdoodle is also a Pygmy goat whose coat is a basic light brown. His best friend is Dudley, but his other besties are Al & Raegan. He comes running right up when we offer little morsels of treats. You can see his tongue flicker at a rapid-fire pace as he eats right out of your hand. It's something to see and it tickles too.


Pygmy Goat

Dudley is a Pygmy Goats, also rescued in 2014 with Al & Raegan. He is curious, friendly, playful and loves to climb. He is a showoff and loves to do tricks for the children. Dudley has a coat of white and brown fur.

Lola Grace

Lola Grace is a Holstein Dairy cow. Our sweet, gentle girl came to us at two weeks old, as a gift from an Amish dairy farm in Lancaster, PA. Rescued as a baby, she now weighs 1,500 pounds.
We think Lola is one of the most affectionate animals on the farm. Even the other animals, including Queen Ester, cuddle up to Lola Grace for a good scratch or a cleaning.
Lola Grace thrives on love and nurturing and spends her time as a therapy cow, to help soothe and comfort us. We like to think we soothe and comfort her as well. Cows are a little bit like us, they need love and companionship too. Lola Grace is our own social sweetheart as she greets our visitors and has become a cornerstone of our farm.

Queen Ester

Queen Ester was one our first rescues who came to us in an emaciated state. Through the love & nourishment here at ACF, Ester has gained over 1100 lbs., weighing almost twice as much as the other horses. Due to previous neglect, Ester's hooves were terribly brittle. Ester had to have surgery to remove a nerve from her hoof. Thanks to Dr. Hagan, who after hearing about what we do here at the farm, performed her surgery for free! After that, it took us seven years to get her hoof strong enough to hold a horseshoe. Now she is pain-free. Our white gentle giant is a kind, soft soul, who loves to greet our guests & get affectionate attention in return. Ester likes to remind us that she is still a teenager and proves it by showing us a little of her sass. Occasionally, just because she can, Ester likes to make us chase after her when it's time to turn in for the night. Queen Ester thinks she is the queen of the herd, & let's face it, she is.


In loving Memory

Casper was our oldest equine friend and was the first rescued horse here at the farm. He was extremely sweet with a gentle and loving disposition, and in his prime was a great pony for kids to ride. He grew too old to be ridden, so he just hung out, living the good life, with Queen Ester watching over and protecting him. We all miss Casper so much, but we believe Queen Ester misses him the most. Horses have feeling too.


Freckles is our go-to horse and Chevy's best friend & protector. They are constantly running, playing, and chasing each other. No one has more fun than Freckles & Chevy. You can tell which one he is because he has freckles on his face and on his hindquarters. Freckles loves to give pony rides and is a great lesson horse for both adults and children. Freckles is patient and kind and nothing seems to get him spooked. We refer to Freckles as a "rock star" for begin so smooth. He doesn't show his affection too often, except when he is guarding Chevy. Freckles is great with humans but never fails to let the other horses know that he likes to rule the roost. We think someone needs to tell him that's Ester's job. LOL


Chevy is Freckles best friend. They came to the farm together and have the best of times together. Chevy is another horse that came to us in a very sorry state. He was skin and bones and we didn't think we could nurse him back to health. But the staff and volunteers of ACF did just that. They persevered with love and determination, showering him with love, affection, and lots of nutritional knowledge to get him to where he is today. Chevy is strong enough now to be a lesson horse and proud to teach us humans how to ride. Chevy is always looking for love and food. He is the sweetest and one of the gentlest horses in the barn, although there are many. He loves to be loved. Just don't mess with his food. LOL


Fitti is the dark thoroughbred who used to be a racehorse. Although Fitti loves his job, he has a playful, coy side that's tells us he likes to have fun as well. Being a therapy horse, Fitti is wonderful with our special needs friends and loves to build relationships with them by teaching them horseback riding skills, all the while helping us heal and thrive.

Awesome Joe

Awesome Joe is a Haflinger, a breed that has a golden chestnut coat, with a cream-colored mane. Joe loves to work as a therapy horse, and she some of the work that he does is pulling carriages so that our riders can develop knowledge, and discipline while experiencing the joy of connecting with a horse. Joe is always a gentleman and is easy to please. Another of our sweet gentle souls.


Dazzle our dark brown beauty, with just a touch of sass. She is our tried-and-true lesson pony for children, and she is the perfect size for pony rides at our parties for younger children. Dazzle is also unique because she easily adapts between our English and Western riding programs. She loves hanging out and taking care of her soul sister, Penny.

In Loving Memory of Penny

It's with a heavy heart that we share the passing our our beloved Penny ? Penny was our sweet, one-of-a-kind, paint horse, with a mildly mannered disposition. Penny used to be an excellent lesson horse, but developed a health issue with her feet, so she couldn't be ridden. Penny had special shoes to accommodate her health issues & was very content, as long as she could hang out with her bestie, Dazzle. We gave Penny extra love and attention because she was so very sweet. Penny is so dearly missed as she was so dearly loved by everyone here at the Farm.


Newt is a Halflinger horse, who although strongminded and sturdy, is sweet & gentle. Newt is a show horse who competes in dressage. We think he's pretty good at it. He proves us right when he takes home the blue ribbons, which he does, all the time!


Kodiak is a Halflinger. He is a lesson horse that can either be ridden in the traditional horseback style or pulling a carriage for our equine therapy program. He's a gem of a horse, per our Equine Therapy instructor Nancy. He is gentle, obedient, and a pleasure to be around. He's awfully cute too.


King is an advanced, western riding lesson horse and loves teaching us how to ride. He's pretty big, but only fierce with his paddock mate Champ. He's a pushover, kind of a scaredy cat really. Our riding instructor Dianna, describes King as a gentle giant, with a soft, kind heart, that's almost as big as he is. Not only is he one of the tallest horses we have, he also has the biggest mouth on the farm, so whatever you do don't feed him. LOL


Champ has a reputation as a bad boy, although he is misunderstood, he is just a horse who is playful & full of love. Champ used to be a therapy horse for a young girl, & he was great at it. He likes people, and he really likes King, even when King picks on him, like big brothers do. Champ is another of our advanced, western lesson horses; he moves gracefully & with ease. Not to mention, he is the epitome of a quarter horse. He's also a busybody, always looking around to see what's going on, making sure he's not missing out on any of the fun.


Beau was a recent gift from the Corson farm. He was gifted to us to assist in our riding lesson programs. Beau wasn't all that friendly at first, we think he missed his old farm. But in just a few short weeks, he has gotten used to us and his environment and we think he has really started to like it here. Actually, we think he's loving it.


Nicky came with Beau from the Corson farm. He has a sweet disposition and is as gentle as they come. He is a Halflinger with a long, wavy mane and light coloring. He came with Beau and is still getting to know us all. He's up there in age, but he's happy with his new life with his bestie Beau, here at the farm.


Daisy is Sweet Melissa's Mom. When the farm got Daisy, we just thought she was chubby for a mini horse her size. Then one morning, shortly thereafter, there were two ponies in her stall instead of one. Surprise! Daisy had a baby horse, a foal in the middle of the night, all by herself. She did an amazing job, she even cleaned up after herself. Daisy is a wonderful mom; we get to watch her love, protect, and teach her child. It's a treat to see, every day. Daisy is very affectionate with both her foal and us humans. She's a beauty & a love!

Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa is still considered a foal & has the coloring combination of a Paint Horse and a Buckskin. Her mom Daisy is a paint horse, so her dad must have been a buckskin. You can see both colorings in Sweet Melissa's beautiful coat, it makes for an exquisite combination. Sweet Melissa, we sometimes call Missy, is as sweet as they come. She was born here and she knows that all of us are her family. She comes running for love, a good rub and affection.

In Loving Memory

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was one of the sweetest minis ever. She was a beautiful Chocolate Palomino Mini, which gave her coat a striking blend of colors. Daisy Mae was rescued along with her buddies, Annie, Reilly & Lola. But the best part of this rescue was that we were able to rescue Daisy Mae along with her daughter Buffa-Lola. All four of them came from an older couple in Jackson who were unable to care for the four minis anymore. Daisy Mae got to live out her life, sharing her loving nature with all of us lucky enough to be around her.


Reilly is a paint horse and a little bit larger than the other minis. Being a part of the Annie, Lola trio, he is our stud mini amongst the little ladies, and won't go anywhere without them. He is sweet and kind and goes about his day minding his own business. If only they could all be that chill! LOL


BuffaLola is the sassiest of our minis. Fresh doesn't begin to describe this little beauty, and you can see it by the look on her face. She just about breaks the door down and knocks us over when she is ready to go, or she wants her dinner. But because she's so cute, she gets away with it. If you don't believe it, just watch her waddle.


Annie the darkest of our minis, is super sweet. Annie is always such a good girl finding her way around with only one eye. But don't let her fool you, she is quite the flirt, just ask Reilly. She has allergies, so if you hear her sneeze, be sure to say God bless you!

Moon Pie

Moon Pie is a Shetland Pony who came to New Jersey as a therapy pony, visiting, hospitals, nursing homes and schools to share his gentle nature. Having brought smiles to so many faces during his career as a therapy pony, Moon Pie now resides here at the farm, surrounded by his friends & family. When asked, he will bow so sweetly. He is our newest mini and has already stolen all of our hearts.


Al is our only Alpaca, he's been inseparable with Reagan, Dudley, and Snickers for years, but now he's making new friends with the sheep. He's not flat leaving his old friends, just making new ones. We rescued Al from a herd where 11 of 13 alpacas died from dehydration and starvation. Al is the only alpaca we know of that doesn't spit, LOL.


Lucky was ACF's first rescued animal, and we guess you could say started the rescue aspect of our farm, which has led to so many other wonderful programs. He takes great pride in protecting the farm and all its animals. He is super friendly and likes to lead the tractor in front of wagon rides.

Scooby Doo

Scooby is the shaggy golden dog who is still learning how to be a farm dog. He stays inside most of the time because he gets nervous around people. We think Scooby was mistreated before we rescued him and we make sure we nurture him with all the love and affection we have. It works too, he is much calmer when he gets hugs and kisses.

Charlotte & Willow

Charlotte & Willow are twin sisters who came to us as babies in 2021. They were so small, and had no mom, we had to watch them around the clock for months, nurturing and protecting them from the outdoor elements. These sweet girls are as smart as 5-year-old children. Believe it or not pigs, are really clean animals, even though they love to roll in the mud.


Tofu is our rescue Turkey we rescued on the day before Thanksgiving. Eat Clean Bro asked us if we would take him, to save him. Of course we did. He spends his time with the guinea hens and roaming around with his chicken friends. Tofu is very curious about everything around that goes on around him, and walks about the farm as he pleases.

Aria & Diego

Aria and Diego are two of our newest arrivals from 2022. These mini donkeys were gifted to us from another farm. Diego, the larger of the two is the boss, who can be a little bit pushy, but is also playful. He looks out for Aria who is sweet & shy, emphasis on shy. We're working on trying to get her to cuddle up, but she is taking her time getting to know us first.

Jack & Jill

These two are Kahadin Sheep that came to us as babies. They're different than most sheep because they have hair instead of wool. They were rescued from a nearby farm that was going to sell them to the slaughterhouse. We stepped in and rescued them just in time. These two are pretty funny, they play follow the leader, but sometimes like to engage in a game of "catch me if you can".


The chickens that wander around the farm are considered "free range chickens." They are free to run around the farm, which produces healthier eggs for us to eat. Even after a few years, when chickens stop laying eggs, we keep them here safe, healthy, and happily ever after, (that's probably why we have so many). We sell their farm fresh eggs in our Farmer's Market, and they are the most delicious and nutritious eggs around.



Lilly was rescued at 150lbs and is now over 1000lbs. She was one of the first animals to come to ACF. Lilly was severely neglected, even her skin was sunburned. ACF did what we do best and with loving care, nursed her back to health. She's all better now and happy as a pig can be.


We rescued Jagger as a kitten when we were still at our previous location. He took a hiatus and went on walk about for months. We worried that something had happened to him, then one day he found his way home, here with us and has been here ever since. Jagger knows like the rest of the animals here, there is no better place to be than ACF.


Rocky was anonymously dropped off here at the farm. He was unhealthy and someone decided he was too sick to care for, so they left him here for us to care for. We had our wonderful veterinarian; Dr. Ball tend to his needs and she gave us a protocol to rid him of disease and nurse him back to health. Now he receives exceptional care, is healthy and happy and has a friend for life in Jagger.

Sammy & Stormy

These beautiful bunnies Sammy & Stormy were surrendered to us by families who couldn't care for them anymore. They now have a forever home, here with us at ACF.

Sammy is an American multicolored rabbit who has the softest fur imaginable. She loves to be cuddled by us, and we love to be cuddled by her.

Stormy is a black and white Dutch rabbit whose fur is just as soft. A soft mushy cuddler as well.

Goat Barn

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature breed from West Africa. All of our goats love to play around and are very friendly. They enjoy being groomed and of course like the rest of us, love to eat. When you feed them their tongues move at an amazingly rapid pace, devouring as much food as they can, as fast as they can. It's fun to feed them, you should try it!


Bambi is our newly rescued baby goat. She is extremely sweet and all she wants to do is follow us around for some cuddle time. She has become attached and adopted herself into the blended family of our outdoor petting zoo, Al, Reagan, Dudley and Snickers who have free reign to wander about the farm. She loves her new life here at the farm.