Allaire Community Farm is proud to partner with other non-profits and organization that align with their mission. Participants in these programs must already be in partnership with the collaborating organization.

Harvesting Occupational and Personal Excellence G.A.I.N. Program
The G.A.I.N. Program at Allaire Community Farm partners with local high schools to provide a setting for their work-based learning experience. Each school receives daily tasks to complete to maximize its exposure to a variety of components of farming. Students participating in this work-based learning must meet certain criteria to participate. This partnership is in conjunction with our HOPE program.

POAC Autism Services
Several times throughout the year, Allaire Community Farm and POAC Autism Services team together to provide parents of autistic children special programs and events. Both organizations share a common desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs and autism. Events throughout the year have included an Easter Egg Hunt, Flower and plant Plantings, Fall Festival Activities, and a Christmas Light Special Event. Many of these events are free for members of POAC.

Rami's Heart COVID-19 Memorial
Since September 2021, Allaire Community Farm has been the home to the Rami's Heart COVID-19 Memorial. As another non-profit 501c3 organization, their mission is to spread the message of hope and compassion by remembering those lost to COVID-19 during the pandemic. By serving as the home of the Memorial, Allaire Community Farm allows friends and family a place to honor the lives of their loved ones. Click Here To Learn More

Children's Mental Health Awareness
Allaire Community Farm routinely hosts local mental health agencies that help youth around Monmouth County. Each year a collaboration with the Monmouth County Children's Interagency Coordinating Council is held to bring awareness of resources within the county that assist youth.

SUSHI program (Suburban and Urban School Health Initiative)
In conjunction with the County of Monmouth, Allaire Community Farm hosts the SUSHI program that educates area students about where their food comes from as well as promotes healthy eating in a farm setting. During the school year, fourth and fifth grade students from area schools meet after school to learn about the growing process from seed to harvest. Students plant their own crops, care for them each week, and harvest them when ready. This program allows students to gain hands-on gardening instruction that often incorporates other subjects such as science, math, and health.

Light the Night for the Shore CommUnity
Together with Wall Township High School, the farm hosts a special night of remembrance and support for families in the local area who have lost a loved one to substance abuse. A walk around the farm, illuminated by luminaries, serve as a reminder that addiction and mental health issues affect many aspects of family and community life.