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Allaire Community Farm Petting Zoo Wall New Jersey

Allaire Community Farm is a sanctuary where passionate people make an impact on their community by creating an encouraging environment that fosters healing and hope. We are an animal rescue with a mission of inclusion.

The goal of Allaire Community Farm is to utilize our rescued animals and working farm environment to nurture through nature. In particular, our farm is focused on helping special needs adults and children, teens facing mental health issues, veterans with PTSD and families battling cancer. We accomplish our mission through programs, events and outreach that uses animal therapy, equine therapy, organic gardening and vocational training that build self-esteem and can lead to purposeful agricultural employment. 

At Allaire Community Farm, we also utilize our gardens and greenhouses to support families who are battling cancer or facing financial hardships. Further, all funds generated through the farm are used exclusively to support the mission of our non-profit organization. Allaire Community Farm is a 5013(c) Non-Profit Organization. Your donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided for all donations.

How can you SUPPORT US?

Sponsorship Opportunities (Individual or Corporate)

  • Farm Truck with your logo on three sides
  • Farm Barns Signage Opportunities: Indoor Riding Ring, Horse Barn, Produce Packaging Center
  • Greenhouse Signage
  • Golf Carts are used on the farm daily, and they a perfect place to advertise your business.
  • Sponsor one of our rescued animals.

Donations, Financial Support and Professional Services for Building Materials

  • Fencing for paddocks and the perimeter of our farm.
  • Plumbing Installation and Supplies
  • Fans, Heaters and Lighting for our Greenhouses

Monetary Support

  • Cover costs associated with veterinarian expenses for our rescued animals.
  • Cover costs associated with feed, hay, feeders, lead lines, etc., for rescued animals.
  • Funds for employing at-risk youth.
  • Funds for employing high-functioning special needs individuals.
  • Funds for providing organic produce to low income families and children with cancer.
  • Funds or donations to feed volunteers at community outreach events.
Allaire Community Farm Petting Zoo Wall New Jersey