Today we are all facing challenges that we could not have anticipated just a few weeks ago.

It is our hope that you and your family are well and remain strong during this period of uncertainty.  We are writing today to keep you up to date about what is happening at Allaire Community Farm.

As you know, the Farm was originally established with various goals that would make a positive impact on our community. During these unprecedented times, we feel the responsibility, today more than ever before, to continue to offer healing and hope to our community.

As the State of New Jersey mandates are being announced, we are implementing changes consistent with those directions. The State has recognized that farms that sell directly to customers are essential businesses and can remain open during the stay at home order.   Our market continues to operate and is stocked with items that are needed by our local community, such as fresh produce, eggs, honey, immune support teas, as well as high demand paper products. We offer not only these items for purchase, but also kind words of encouragement, to a small flow of people who visit the farm.

Despite our best efforts to support and serve the public and offer wide-open space, our farm, like many other business and agencies, has been severely affected. Our public events, which are our major sources of revenue, such as our class trips, birthday parties and major fundraising events, have all been cancelled indefinitely. Consistent with the mandates, our hours of operation have been reduced. One hundred percent of revenues generated from our public events goes to support the mission of the Farm. This is a big loss for our little farm. Today, we too find ourself in need.

The animals that reside on the Farm continue to require care, feed and veterinarian services. These animals are the heart of our mission and we will continue to care for them, as they deserve.  They ask for very little and give us, and everyone who visits them, so much in return.

The current monthly expenses of approximately $25,000 remains fixed in this time of reduced hours and services. Since this all began, our Board has made the hard decision to reduce paid staff, programs and construction costs.  We are now staffed 100% by volunteers. We continue to review our expenses and look for areas to contain costs even further, when possible.

We realize that many of you are also dedicated to the Farm and its mission and have previously provided support for the farm. We are so appreciative of your generosity. If you find yourself in a position to be able to help us once more, during our time of need, we would be very much indebted to you. Donations can be made on the link below or mailed directly to the farm.

This farm is built on love, encouragement, hard work, and the generous support of many. Allaire Community Farm is convinced that what we have to offer is now what our community needs most; a stress reducing, wide open fresh air space, with healthy food and products as well the unconditional love of our animals is now being offered to everyone.

May you and your families be healthy and be encouraged during this time.

JoAnn and Sean Burney

Co- Founders

Allaire Community Farm