By Lianna Bass

WALL TOWNSHIP — Brothers in Christ Ministry [BIC] will be hosting a youth dodgeball tournament to raise money for back to school supplies for children in Asbury Park.

BIC was formed in the summer of 2013 by Jack and Beth Smith, of Spring Street, in Wall, as a way for their son Matthew, 13, and his peers to give back to the local community.

They invited some of Matthew’s friends over to their home on a weekly basis and came up with ideas to help people in need.

“Last summer we had upwards of 24 kids as part of our group,” Mrs. Smith said.
Many of the children and families involved with BIC are from Wall or the surrounding area.

Last year, they raised $80 for back-to-school supplies for students in the local area by hosting a Wiffle Ball tournament at their home.

Now that BIC is growing, the Smith family decided to host a dodgeball tournament at a larger location in town. They decided Allaire Community Farm, 2840 Allaire Road, would be the perfect setting.

“We will use one of the fields so we can have a dodgeball tournament and the boys can verse each other,” Mrs. Smith said.

Sean Burney, owner-operator of Allaire Community Farm, said he was happy to offer his farm as a location for the event.

“That’s why we have ‘community’ in the name of our farm,” he said. “We want to be involved with the community.”

Mr. Burney said that 11 members of BIC, along with a few of their parents, went to the farm last weekend to help build a small shelter for goats out of wooden crates. He is pleased to see young people take an active interest in helping others.

“It’s for a great cause and we are glad to see young people to get outside of themselves and give back to the community,” he said.

Mrs. Smith said that she, her husband and other parents involved with BIC encourage the young men to look outside of their comfort zones and help those in need.

“I think it’s important because they need to show compassion to others, and it helps them realize just how fortunate they are,” she said. “Right in our own backyard there are a lot of people in need that we have the ability to help.”

BIC is not affiliated with a church but with Aslan Ministries, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Red Bank. According to its website, Aslan Ministries provides “relationship-driven programs that impact and empower at-risk youth.”