Guidelines for Petting Zoo Volunteer Duties:

All volunteers must be in middle school to volunteer without a parent.

When entering farm market for volunteering:

  • Please pick up a volunteer lanyard to be worn while helping.
  • Sign in so that we know you have arrived.

When leaving farm for volunteering:

  • Return lanyard to store when done.
  • Sign out so we know you are gone.

Greet visitors and help them find their way around farm. Share animal stories!

Remind them only food bought from farm can be fed to the pig and donkey pen animals. The goats are now permitted to be fed. No one but volunteers are allowed in with Goats. Birthday party and class trips are allowed in with the ACF staff person. The cow and horses are not to be fed. No outside food is permitted at all! Sometimes, the farm will have veggies or fruit, but that is provided by farm alone.

Indoor Petting Zoo

When setting up for Petting Zoo, place play-yards in shade outside goat barn.

Do the same for the rabbits. The two boy rabbits can take turns with the girl rabbit, switching them back and forth throughout the day. Be sure water bowl is with them in both play-yard and in their hutch. Rabbits must always be in shaded area. Move them as needed.

Tofu may be released from her pen and she will walk around. Let visitors know Tofu is friendly and may be petted on her back.

A volunteer must keep watch over outside animals (chickens, rabbits, Tofu) to make sure they are safe.

Throughout the day, clean pens of goats, Tofu. Always make sure to empty the wheelbarrow by the greenhouse in the pile all the way to the left. Do not leave full wheel barrel inside.

Make sure all all rakes and brooms are hung up on the rack.

Outdoor Petting Zoo

If ducks on hill have not been released from their pen, open door and let them out. Fill up their pool and buckets with water.

Check water often! Fill buckets and bowls for all animals! Refresh with cool water, if necessary.

No one except volunteers are allowed in any of the paddocks.

The sheep, Jack and Jill are permitted to eat feed sold in the market.

The ducks and chickens are also permitted to eat feed from the market.


No cell phone usage while on duty – may use to be contacted by parent, but no prolonged usage.

First Aid supplies in goat barn on top of duck pen. Emergency numbers of adults on location are included. We also have a first aid kit in the market.

AED heart defibrillators are located in the museum and in the market.

Put all rakes and brushes back on the rack they came from.

Never leave a wheel barrel full of manure. Always dump it in the far left pile by the greenhouse.

Throw all trash in the garbage cans. Do not leave water bottles around.

Do not feed the animals grain or hay. We have feeders who feed the animals in the am and pm.

Do not open the side door of the barn where the fan is.

Guests can only feed our feed bags sold in the market. No carrots , apples etc.

Shirts and hoodies are available to volunteers at a discounted price.