Allaire Community Farm is proud to present greenhouse/agricultural/vocational pilot programs involving special need students and at-risk young adults. These programs are designed to foster the education and teaching of vocational skills that can enhance and develop further skills to follow into adulthood. To learn more about these programs or to enroll, contact Sean at 732 859-1511.

The goal of this program is to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, while working towards meaningful and purposeful employment potential.



        Allaire Community Farm is thrilled to announce that Merrimakers Catering will be purchasing produce from these programs to use in their business in catered events. This will further enhance the participants experience towards vocational development and satisfaction. All monies generated will go back into our nonprofit to work towards the missions goal of erecting 10 commercial greenhouses staffed by our special needs and at risk populations.


        Program Outlines

        I. Growing Pre-Employment Educational Program

        This is a 4 hour a day program to use hands on instruction in our organic greenhouse and gardens to teach our students the use growing equipment, planting, harvesting, and farm concepts to foster future employment opportunities.

        The course will include:

        • Farm and greenhouse safety procedures.
        • Tool recognition and proper use.
        • Types of plants and their growing protocols.
        • Growing mediums – soil, hydroponic and aquaponic.
        • Seeding, transplanting and harvesting.
        • Building planters and raised beds.
        • Weeding, tilling and fertilizing.


        II. Animal Care Pre-Employment Training Program

        This is a 4 hour a day program to use hands on instruction for animal care in our petting zoo, paddocks, and barn.

        The course will include:

        • Feeding proportions, learning the different feed grasses, and grains.
        • Water essentials.
        • Pen, coop paddock, and stall cleanliness.
        • Animal grooming.
        • Egg gathering, cleaning, and packaging.
        • Pen, fence, coop, and stall repair,
        • Visitor tour training.

        III. Rescue Farm & Petting Zoo Inclusion Program

        This a 2- or 4-hour program that trains students to mentor our guests to the farm.

        Students will:

        • Oversee the petting zoo area.
        • Selling feed bags to guests to feed the animals.
        • Provide brushes for grooming the animals.
        • Guide guests in gathering eggs.
        • Educate guests about the animals.
        • Oversee our safety procedures with our guests.