We Love You All, Too!

It’s a blessing for us to be able to serve our community. Hearing how Allaire Community Farm makes you smile makes us happier than a pig in mud. (Lily agrees!)

Hi Joann!

This email is being sent to let you know that our students, teachers and parents had a wonderful time today! I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding their trip to visit you at Allaire Community Farm. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for our 1st Grade students.  Hopefully, we will see you again next year for another field trip!
Michele DiCapua

Strathmore Elementary School

From the heart of a volunteer,
What could it be that draws me to this farm ? Is it the beauty of the land , or the horses that look so majestic in the fields , maybe it’s the smells in the barn ! The hay , the noise from any given animal .
Could it be the feeling of being at home with nature .
The feeling of surprise , like when you walk down the road to the lake what or who might greet me. Like when I first saw 8 baby ducks in the duck pen and several months later watching them have their first swim in the big pond at the end of that road .
Having that special feeling , if even for a brief moment when you think all the animals are so happy to see you .
Then you realize over time , it’s not you per say, but anyone who will feed them .
It’s the comfort of entering through the gate that you get a sense of , I can breathe . Shut off my mind for a few hours and just be . Nature has a way of doing that if we allow it . How about the sunset that reminds you of a beautiful day that was free for the taking . And the warm hugs and smiles from friends that you now call family .
Come experience for yourself the wonder that is not found in any amusement park . Come back to the basics of nature and be whatever draws you to have the sense of peace .
At Allaire Community Farm , I have found the smells drives my senses , that opens my eyes to the beauty of what is just waiting if , I just be .

Denise Gratzel


Giving those in need of a path and a purpose through Humanism. Rescuing animals to rescue people. The Allaire Community Farm is trying to get off the ground with this philosophy in our Community and needs some financial assistance.

I am a Physical Therapist and came across this farm as I saw volunteers needed for a Special Needs Day. It didn’t take but one lap of a rescued horse with a rider challenged by autism for me to witness the healing magic of animals with those in need. The couple behind the farm and their philosophy of living your life with purpose have many ideas and goals to better the quality of life of those around them. Disenfranchised youth, at-risk teens, and children with challenges are but a few of the populations that this farm wants to help to create an environment of acceptance and growth.

There are plans for these individuals to work the farm with the rescued animals and greenhouses and giving them the opportunity to experience growth and acceptance. At the present time, this farm helps to sponsor individuals going through chemotherapy through their organic community co-op to help nurture the body through healthy nutrition.

As with all good ideas and non-profits finding funding and getting the word out there are the most difficult of challenges and the most time consuming. I have been trying to assist them with ideas to spread the message and help this farm to find some backing so that the vision can reach more individuals In need. I have witnessed non-communicative children start to speak as they take care of the rescued animals. I have seen young adults traumatized by accidents find a place that no one judges their scars, and I have watched the families faces swell with pride as their child who may not interact socially with others finds a gentle path of communication and confidence as they sit tall in the saddle and become one with the horse.

Joann and Sean Burney have the desire and the aspirations to reach out to those in need and improve the quality of life of a population that has to work harder to be accepted. They want to provide a place of growth, and experiences that will foster hope and a future for those challenged physically and emotionally. The just need a little help from a friend to spread the magic.

Beth Laliberte

Volunteering at the farm with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop has been wonderful. My own daughter looks forward to spending time with the animals, especially the chickens. It is helping nurture her kindness and makes her feel extra important, which she is. I’m always telling the troop; these animals rely on us to show up, feed and love them. The girls have fun while learning and that is about the best experience I can give them as a troop leader an as a mom!

Jamie Tuzeneu
Girl Scout Leader Troop 286

Jamie Tuzeneu

When I first considered writing down everything that the farm has done for my son, I figured it to be an easy task. Over the next few weeks, those thoughts became quite numerous. There are just so many positive things to say about Allaire Community Farm.

I remember our first time at the farm. When we visited my son Cole had a big smile on his face and just watched everything going on around him. He was happy to just take in all the farm had to offer. Over time, as we visited more and more, Cole would learn and discover something new each time. Cole gained a confidence and security of being on the farm that he then decided to start volunteering and help with the birthday parties.

One day at one of the parties, I saw Cole speaking with a grandfather who was attending the party. Tears of relief, joy and happiness welled up inside of me. Joann and I looked at each other and smiled. Before this Cole would not talk to anyone. In order for Cole to talk to you he had to trust you and that took time. Watching Cole speak with that grandfather he just met, practically made me jump up and click my heels.

Allaire Community Farm has become a place for my son to go and not be judged. He is able to do what he can at his own pace and in his own time. The joy my family and others experience come from what Joann and Sean Burney provide on their farm. Over the last 2 years, my son has gained confidence, social skills, and a purpose.

We cannot thank the Burney’s enough for what they have provided our family and are forever grateful.

Allison Monte


My motto is…. If you aren’t doing something to make the world a better place, then what are you doing?

I came upon Allaire Community Farm when I was planning my daughters 3rd birthday party. At first I thought it was going to be a great place to have a farm party but it quickly became so much more than that. You can’t help but be moved by The Burney’s passion and commitment to serving the community, their kindness, commitment and enthusiasm is infectious. I had previously volunteered assisting in a therapeutic riding program in North Jersey and I knew I just had to be a part what was happening at Allaire Community Farm.

We volunteer as a family because we feel the need to give back to the community. We feel it is important we show our daughter we all have an obligation to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. She is learning kindness, patience, perseverance, independence, and the value of hard work assisting in the care of these rescued animals.

I volunteer for all of the above reasons and because I truly believe in The Burney’s mission of creating a true community that could be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your community and give back.

Mary-Kate Hanko

Mary-Kate Hanko


A few months ago I booked a private party at Allaire Community Farm for my daughters Autism play group. Our gathering was not only fun, but a learning opportunity for the kids. For children on the spectrum sounds, smells, certain physical sensations can put our kids over the edge. However, the owners of the farm, JoAnn and Sean Burney worked together and really understood how to accommodate our group.

The couple decided to break up our group into three smaller groups. This way they could keep an eye on all the kids and work with them individually in different areas. Especially, during the pony rides which had me a little nervous. However, one staff member lead the horse very slowly while another walked member walked side by side with the child riding to make sure they were safe.

That day was a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore a new environment. They were able to stick their hands into food and feed different animals. They were able to use different brushes and groom them and even touch them! The pony rides were not only fun, but for our children that have low muscle tone it forced them to use both core and leg muscles. All the activities were not only fun and educational, but for children with occupational needs for sensory issues it definitely pushed them out of their comfort zone.

As a parent of a child on the spectrum we see that going into new situations can be incredibly stressful on our children. However, after only spending a few minutes with the Burney’s and their staff at Allaire Community Farm I don’t think our children could have felt more at home. They are such wonderful people with good hearts that truly care about kids in the special needs community. I can’t wait for warmer weather to have our gatherings again.

Kara, Mom