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Not your ordinary party

Treat your child to a fun-filled farm party on our 25 acre farm. We have a unique venue for birthdays all year round.  Your child and guests will visit the petting zoo, milk our mechanical cow and take a scenic tractor pulled wagon ride around the farm.  

Hands-On Team

Each party will have a host and assistants with your guest.  Parties last for two hours and take place in our picnic pavilion.  We welcome you to bring food, cake, snacks, or stereos.  Pinatas, confetti or balloons are not permitted on the farm.  

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Before proceeding, please read our FAQ below.  Once completed, you will have the option to fill out our Farm Party contract online or download the contract which you can fill out and email back to us
  1. How long is a birthday party?: Parties last 2 hours.
  2. What is the schedule for parties?: Guests arrive at designated time. Parties begin 15 minutes after start time no matter how many guests have arrived. In advance, the host will decide upon a pony ride, planting or scavenger hunt. The next activity is the Hay ride, followed by a visit to the indoor and outdoor petting zoos to feed and groom the animals. Eggs are gathered in the henhouse and children milk Ms. Ellie, our mechanical cow. These farm activities take approximately 1 hour. After activities are complete, guests wash hands and food is served. After 1 hr and 45 minutes, we begin to clean the room and guests exit to parking lot to clear space for the next party.
  3. How many guests are included in the price of a party?: Up to 15 children and 30 adults. Additional children are $15 each and adults are $5 each.
  4. Can I extend parties past two hours?: No, parties are carefully timed to allow for all other farm activities.
  5. Is the farm closed during my party?: No, the farm is open 11-5 but the party area and hayride are solely reserved for party guests.
  6. What happens if it rains?: Parties can be rescheduled in the event of rain. The party planner will contact the host two days in advance to make the call. If the party is not cancelled and it rains, the party will go on to the best of our ability.
  7. Can I set a rain date in advance?: No, rain dates cannot be scheduled in advance.
  8. When is the $100 deposit due?: Deposits need to be paid in order to reserve your date and time.
  9. Are Balloons, confetti and piñatas allowed?: No, each of these items contains materials that are dangerous to our rescued animals.
  10. Is alcohol allowed?: No, we are not insured for alcohol consumption on our farm.
  11. Is smoking allowed?: No, we are a smoke free facility. This includes our parking lot.
  12. Do you provide party favors?: Yes, ask our party planner about various party favors available for purchase.
  13. Can I drive my car down below to set up?: No, we will drive you and your belongings down in our golf cart transporter. We will also drive your gifts and belonging back to the parking lot at the end of the party.
  14. How early can I arrive to set up?: Fifteen minutes before the start of your party.
  15. Do you provide hand sanitizers and bathrooms?: Yes, we provide hand sanitizer and Porta Johns for our guests.
  16. Do you provide refrigeration?: We can store up to a full sheet cake or ice cream cake in our refrigerator. We provide a large cooler for our guests to bring their own drinks and ice.
  17. Do you allow music?: Yes, we allow guests to bring a small portable speaker played at an appropriate level as to not upset the animals.
  18. When is final head count due?: The final head count is due two days prior to your party.
  19. Are there additional activities I can add to my child’s party?: Yes, you can purchase a barrel train ride for $30, a take home flower planting for $3 a child, or sugar pumpkin picking for $3 a child in the fall.
  20. Can I bring chaffing dishes?: For safety reasons, no open flames are permitted on the farm.
  21. What are the safety rule?: There is no running in or around the animals. Helmets MUST be worn for pony rides. Children must wear closed toed shoes in order to go in worth the animals.

See our Farm Party information flyer

Click here to download our Farm Party contract, fill it out, and email it to us to the email at the bottom of the form.