Allaire Community Farm Is Now a 5013(c) Non-Profit Organization. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible!

Corporate Sponsors – if you work for a company that has a philanthropic arm, invite them to consider supporting our farm. This can be done through cash gifts, fundraisers or events held at the farm.

All donation are tax deductible and receipts will be provided!

How can you help?

Sponsor a rescued animal

We gladly accept donations to help defer adoption, food, and veterinarian costs.

Make a One-Time or Monthly Donation

Sponsor a $25 or $50 box of produce for a local family battling cancer.

$25 box of produce

$50 box of produce

Fund a stipend for an “at risk teen” or “special needs young adult” to work at the farm.

Make a One Time Gift

Wish List

The following is a wish list for Allaire Community Farm which will assist us in meeting our stated goals.

Donations or Corporate Sponsorship:

  • Pick up truck (new or used) to be used for day to day operations of the farm
  • Tractor (new or used) to be used in agricultural section of the farm and parties
  • Hay Wagon (new or used) to be used for community outreaches and pony/farm parties
  • Commercial grade tents (new or used) for parties and community event
  • Golf carts to move guests throughout the 22.5 acres
  • Work utility vehicles (gator) for work around farm
  • All terrain manual wheelchairs for guests with limited mobility
  • Rescued animals for petting zoo
  • Walkie talkies to be used throughout farm

Donation of Professional Services:

  • Upgrade and run electric to greenhouses, barn, hen houses, pond and picnic areas
  • Lighting for common walk areas, front of barn, petting zoo and riding rink that will enable us to host evening events
  • Repair roof of barn so that the hay loft can be renovated for multipurpose room
  • Installation of well hydrants throughout the farm for animals and greenhouses
  • Installation of storage sheds through farm for feed, hay, straw, and other supplies

Donations of, or Financial Support for Building Materials:

  • Fencing for paddocks and perimeter of farm
  • Wood for storage sheds throughout the farm
  • Electrical wiring and lighting throughout farm
  • Fans, heaters, and lighting for greenhouses

Monetary Support:

  • Costs associated with veterinarian expenses for rescued animals
  • Costs associated with feed, hay, feeders, lead lines, etc., for rescued animals.
  • Funds for Employing at risk youth
  • Funds Employing high functioning special needs individuals
  • Funds for providing organic produce to children with cancer and low income families
  • Funds or donations to feed volunteers at community outreaches

Corporate Sponsorship with Signage:

  • Paddock fencing
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Hay wagons
  • Party tents
  • Greenhouses
  • Barn
  • Farm publications
  • Farm website

Overhead Expenses:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Repairs
  • Insurance

Our Vision

In the hustle and bustle of today’s high pressure world, there are very few places where people can go to escape and enjoy nature and animals in a tranquil environment. The vision for Allaire Community Farm is to create a sanctuary where individuals can go to get away from the rat race of New Jersey and enjoy nature, rescued animals, healthy produce and interaction with other members of their local community. We also desire to give back to the community by providing a caring environment for children with special needs and at risk teens by utilizing our rescued animals to break down barriers.

We accomplish our mission by providing affordable pony/farm birthday parties, organic produce, scouting events, school class trips, riding lessons, community special events and holiday programs for the entire community. We also participate in off-site programs by bringing our petting zoo to large events such as the Wall fair and Wall PBA picnic. The farm welcomes special needs groups and their families and encourages at risk teens to volunteer at the farm in order to bring purpose to their lives.

Through these various parties, programs and community events, Allaire Community Farm reaches tens of thousands of members of the surrounding community. Our various programs target young children, adults, special needs children and teens alike. There is no population that is exempt from enjoying the sanctuary of our farm. Sponsors can benefit from having their businesses exposed to members of the surrounding community on a year round basis. Sponsors can be highlighted at the farm via signage on buildings, equipment and fencing. They can also be highlighted on our Facebook, Instagram and website. Each of these media outlets is extremely popular with the community and viewed by thousand of people on a regular basis. We are confident that together we can make our community a better place to live and play!