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:. When we established the farm in 2013, it was our vision to create a welcoming environment where families and members of the community could gather and enjoy our picturesque 25 acre farm.

A school trip to our farm is a great experience for all ages. A New Jersey certified teacher will guide, introduce and educate your group about the animals, plants and bees at the farm.

Our class trips reinforce New Jersey education standards while making learning about farming fun. Our tours are able to work with existing curriculum to bring classroom lessons to life.

We provide year round class trips, rain or shine. The Spring tours are during the months of March, April, May and June. Summer tours are July and August and the Fall tours are during the months of September, October and November. Our tours are appropriate for ages two to fourteen.

Petting Zoo

Enter our paddocks and groom the Nigerian Dwarf goats, meet all our rescued animals including a donkey, sheep, goats, alpaca, chickens, rabbits, ducks and of course “Lily” our pig. All of these lovable animals have been rescued from neglectful farms.

Visit Our Hen House

Come on over to the hen houses and gather fresh eggs from our hard working chickens. Learn about the life cycle of a chicken.

Tractor Wagon Rides

Take a wagon ride around our picturesque 25 acre farm to learn about different animals, nature, and more!

If you are interested in booking a class trip with us at Allaire Community Farm, please contact Alison at

How to Book a Farm Class Trip

  *Step 1. Call 732-796-3298 or email to book your trip  date
  *Step 2. Click to download our Class Trip Information Sheet (printable PDF).
  *Step 3. Choose from a
              *Summer Trip (printable PDF). Here
              *Fall/SpringClass Trip Contract Form (printable PDF)
  *Step 4. Mail your class trip contract form to Allaire Community Farm 1923           Bailey’s Corner Road, Wall, NJ 07719

Questions? Email Alison ( or all 732-796-3298