Allaire Riding Program: Weight Disclosure Form

    In relation to horse health and safety, Allaire Community Farm imposes a ruling on weight allowed on the herd of horses currently being utilized in our program.

    In general and according to most published pieces, a horse is able to carry a percentage of its weight depending on the breed, age, and current fitness without causing pain or long lasting ill effects over a period of time.

    At this time, this means our riders need to be below a certain weight in order to safely participate in our program.

    Exceptions can be made at the total discretion of our trained staff and expert horse health care managers at Allaire Community Farm

    • The rider's ability to be balanced and in correct position can help the horse stay sound and stable.
    • The rider is able to ride independently so volunteers and side walkers will not be put in an unsafe position.
    • The rider can work from the ground for a half an hour lesson depending on whether they can walk/stand independently or with little assistance.

    Carriage driving is an alternative offered if the above conditions can be met.