Therapeutic Horsemanship & Riding

Through this equine-assisted activity, individuals who present a range of cognitive, physical, social & emotional conditions, can benefit from the therapeutic riding experience. The program can assist in relaxation, develop muscle tone, coordination, confidence and all around well-being. Individuals will be taught by a P.A.T.H certified instructor how to actively control a horse while riding. The exercise can improve sensory and motor skills for coordination, balance & posture. Additionally, individuals will have the opportunity to groom, experience the basics of handling a horse as well as care & safety. Working with the horses can promote communication, attention skills & a positive lift in self-esteem. The emotional benefits also can be significant as participants take part in the element of the human/animal bonding process.

Nancy Forsyth is our P.A.T.H. certified riding & driving instructor who brings along 20 years of experience. She rides her horses, Fitti & Joe regularly, as well as enjoys driving Joe, who resides here at Allaire Community Farm. Along with various assistants, Nancy will oversee both programs.

Please contact Nancy at 732-600-4127 or email at for details and for scheduling.

Please Note: We only take orders from Monday morning through Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. Dismiss